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Opportunity Cost & a conversation with my wife! Blog 155

14th September 2020

Opportunity Cost & a conversation with my wife! A friend of ours called over to the house last weekend for...

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7th September 2020

Investment Losses Loom Larger Than Gains – Blog 154

“Losses loom larger than gains”. Not my words but those of Nobel-Prize winning psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky (RIP). It was...

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1st September 2020

Managed Funds fail to beat the market, most of the time! Blog 153

Actively Managed Funds under-perform Passive Index Funds in the majority of cases. Managed funds usually exist in order to beat...

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25th August 2020

Successful Investing – Buffett Style! Blog 152

Successful investing anyone? This week we share a short piece from the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett. We learn about...

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3rd August 2020

What is the Standard Fund Threshold Ireland? Blog 151

What is the Standard Fund Threshold Ireland? This week, in what is a short 4 day work week, we share...

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27th July 2020

Certainty or Returns, Pick One! Blog 150

This week we share an investing concept that applies to investments and pensions equally. If I successfully and coherently share...

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19th July 2020

The Big 4 & The Slow Dance – Blog 149

No this is not the name of the midland’s latest and greatest country band – it’s two separate thoughts I...

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13th July 2020

Will 2020 Be The Best Year Ever For Irish Investors?! Blog 148

Will 2020 Be The Best Year Ever For Irish Investors? We take a look at some of the headline facts...

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22nd June 2020

How Does An ARF Work & Retirement Income ‘Guardrails’ – Blog147

If you are wondering ‘how does an ARF work’, may I suggest we consider instead the question; ‘how should an...

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15th June 2020

5 Occasions When You Should Ignore Your Financial Advisor – Blog 146

This week I share with you 5 instances where you should seriously question the advice you get from your financial...

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