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  1. You’ll get expert, non-standard and personal advice, that many advice firms won’t (or can’t) give you
  2. We’ll help you have more time, less hassle and less worry about your financial affairs
  3. We’re ruthlessly independent, and tell you the unvarnished truth every time
  4. You’ll receive a high level of service and care. We are selective in whom we work with and serve a small number of (nice!) people
  5. You’ll have a clear road-map for your financial life, and a trusted guide to help you along the way
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Successful Business Owners

Maximise your personal wealth, become tax efficient and get value for money on your investment &retirement planning structures. Get the company working for you.

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Preparing For Retirement

Arrange your assets in the best way. Benefit from every opportunity and avoid costly mistakes during these crucial years

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Already Retired

Maximise the income and results you get from the resources you’ve already accumulated. Preserve your wealth, and be confident about your money

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Award Winning

The informed decisions


How would you feel if you knew you were on the very best route to achieve your financial goals?

The Informed Decisions MasterPlan™ will help you 'clear the fog' and have clarity and confidence about your financial future. When you engage us to develop your MasterPlan you will get:

  • A highly personal strategy, where you feel in control of your financial future
  • Expert analysis of your current financial structure, investments and plans
  • Detailed cash flow forecast based on where you are right now, and where you want to be in the future
  • Investment research and portfolio design to give you confidence in our decisions
  • A personally crafted strategy to protect and grow your savings & retirement income
  • Elegantly designed and proven investment and pension portfolio proposals
  • Our expertise to implement the best investment and pension structures for you on the Informed Decisions platform

Ultimately you will feel confident about your future, and be better prepared to achieve the financial life you want as a result of our work together.

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Success Stories

Fin Goulding
Chief Technical Officer
and Founder of Flow Academy

Not only does Paddy provide me with sound counsel and advice, but he also helped me get my plethora of old investments and pensions into great shape which gave me the confidence to leave my Corporate Executive role & to start my own business as an entrepreneur!

Barry Kerrigan

Having been with one of the large financial advice companies for several years I was unhappy with the service and advice I was receiving. I started doing some research online, found Paddy and Informed Decisions, and I now feel I'm on the right path to a successful retirement plan and have someone looking out for me.

John Sherry

Paddy showed me how to take the profits I’ve earned from my business and to convert them into personal money, in a meaningful and cost-effective way.

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Informed Decisions Master Plan

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Informed Decisions Master Plan

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