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Will 2020 Be The Best Year Ever For Irish Investors?! Podcast 186

13th July 2020

Will 2020 Be The Best Year Ever For Irish Investors? We take a look at some of the headline facts...

6th July 2020

Retirement Remix with CEO & Author, Chip Munn – Podcast 185

When Chip offered to appear on the Informed Decisions podcast we jumped at the chance to speak with him. Chip...

29th June 2020

Patricia Rickard Clarke – Safeguarding Ireland – Podcast 184

Patricia Rickard Clarke has unique experience in preparation for, and planning for future life. Patricia shares her insights on: –...

22nd June 2020

How Does An ARF Work & Pension Income ‘Guardrails’ -Podcast 183

Hi, If you are wondering ‘how does an ARF work’, may I suggest we consider instead the question; ‘how should...

15th June 2020

5 Occasions To Ignore Your Financial Advisor – Podcast 182

This week I share with you 5 instances where you should seriously question the advice you get from your financial...

8th June 2020

How Will You Spend Your Money – Podcast 181

Dr. Thomas Gilovic has conducted several studies, some spanning decades, which measured the level of satisfaction and joy that people...

25th May 2020

What Happens My Pension When I, You Know?! Podcast 180

What happens my pension when I, you know!? I’m never one to shirk the hard questions, but it seems crass...

18th May 2020

The Dr. Moira Somers Interview – Psychology & Money Podcast 179

In this weeks’ Money Podcast you will hear from someone with some unique insights on the topics we discuss week...

11th May 2020

The Best Investments of 2020 – The Lock-Down Edition! Podcast 178

Wondering what the best investments 2020 are?! Or if your investments or pensions are down the pan!? It is indeed...

5th May 2020

Pension Property, with Tommy Nielsen – Podcast 177

This week, as promised in our recent piece on the Pros & Cons of Pension Property, we share with you...