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Frequently Asked Questions

If we were in your shoes we reckon we too would have lots of questions! In the section below I try to answer the most common ones asked of me over the years. I hope it helps in you evaluating Informed Decisions as your financial advice firm.

Important documents
Paddy Delaney
Informed Decisions Financial Planning is a small firm, is my money safer with a bigger firm?
Do you work on your own?
How are you different to the norm, really?
How paid?
Isn’t paying a fee to an advisor like you dearer than a traditional advisor?
What do you do for your fee?
What does the Informed Decisions MasterPlan contain?
What if I am not fully satisfied with your services?
You look quite young; how can you know much about retirement planning?
Do you hold my investments and pensions?
I’ve never invested via a platform, is it safe?
Do you work with clients that do not invest the minimum of €300k?
You are a Financial Planner, but also train other advisors, is there a conflict there?
What is your process for selecting investment funds?
What is your track record?
What happen if you die?

If we have missed any important question here please feel free to contact me.

Important Documents

We encourage you to select an advice firm that is both qualified and authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland to provide prudent financial advice. Here is some of our details

Terms of businessprivacy policyqualificationsCentral bank of Ireland authorisation
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What best describes you?

Business Owners

We understand that running a business AND prioritising your own personal wealth is not as easy as it sounds. We help business owners to put strategies in place to maximise their personal wealth through tax efficient planning, exit strategy or business sale.

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Preparing For Retirement

The 5 years before retirement are critical to successfully ‘graduating’ from full-time employment. We help people to arrange their assets in the optimum way, ensure they are benefiting from all the opportunities available to them in this key phase of life.

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Already Retired

Because many people in this phase of life which we speak to, want to ensure they maximise the resources they have, that is what we do. We help them remove concern so that they can go about enjoying life. You may have one eye on providing for loved-ones but the priority must first be you!

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