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What Happens My Pension When I, You Know?! Podcast 180

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What Happens My Pension When I, You Know?! Podcast 180

25th May 2020

Paddy Delaney


What happens my pension when I, you know!? I’m never one to shirk the hard questions, but it seems crass to talk of ‘you know’ while all of ‘this’ is going on!

If you are any of the following, you really ought to know about this:

  • A director of your own company with pension benefits
  • An employee and an active member of the ‘Company Pension Scheme’
  • A former employee of a company, with benefits still in your old employer’s ‘Company Pension scheme’

“Life is like playing the violin in public and learning the instrument as one goes on”, or so said the 19th Century English author Samuel Butler. I’m including that quote for no other reason than I really like it. A friend of ours recently had a baby, and she is bouncing hundreds of questions off Fiona (who is an ‘old hand’ at this stage!). It just goes to show that we are all learning. None of us know everything – a valuable lesson in humility in times like these!

I hope this helps, even a little!

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