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The Expat Tax Special – With Barry Murphy of ‘Expat Tax Services Ireland’. Podcast 157

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The Expat Tax Special – With Barry Murphy of ‘Expat Tax Services Ireland’. Podcast 157

21st October 2019

Paddy Delaney


Expat Tax is a subject that I often get asked about from listeners. These are individuals that may be leaving or returning to Ireland. Tax being such a specialist area I felt the best thing to do was to invite someone onto the show who specialises in tax mobility.

I was delighted to be joined by Barry Murphy of Expat Tax Services Ireland ( In this episode we discussed and chatted about Expat Tax in Ireland, and in particular:

– Tax Domicile and Residence, and the impact these have

– Pension transfers across different countries

– Applying for tax reliefs and grants on relocation

– Employment Tax Reliefs

– How to benefit from State Pension if living/relocating from abroad

Special Assignee Relief Programme (SARP Ireland)

– How to split your tax year between countries

– Foreign Earning Deduction (FED Ireland) tax calculator tool (pretty handy – even if the budget was a bit ‘meh’!)

Expat Tax is such a niche area, with limited credible information available.

If you know anyone currently living abroad whose thinking of coming back to these fair shores, do them a favour and send this to them! And vice-versa!

I hope it is of value.


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