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Podcast74: How To Inherit A Home Tax Free……?!

Podcast74: How To Inherit A Home Tax Free……?!

It is fair to say that the Financial Advice industry in Ireland has a reputation for forcing products on people, only making money when they sell 'policies'. The truth is that advice has so much more to offer, if it is done right! That is where Financial Planning seems to come into play. A Financial Planner can still sell you policies I guess, however the onus of a Financial Planner (if they are really behaving like a Financial Planner) should be on exploring your future plans, and helping you determine a clear way forward, that maximises outcomes for you. Family Home Relief is one such thing that Financial Planning can help people be aware here goes!

This week we'd like to introduce you to Jack. Jack is in his 40's, and his parents, Frank & Sharon are both in their late 70's. Frank & Sharon had worked hard their whole lives, and through effective Financial Planning were able to retire at 62 with their desired lifestyles intact (nice cars, meals, clothes, holidays and hair & make-up!). They have been living the proverbial dream for the past 15 years, and are now in pretty rough health, given their indulgences on meals and relaxation!

Frank & Sharon have spent the vast bulk of their retirement funds at this stage (as was planned), and have assets now of ?50,000 low volatility investment fund, a car valued at ?20,000, and their home, valued at ?600,000. Sadly, and in order for this blog to make any sense, they both die, first Frank and then shortly afterwards Sharon. Their entire assets are left to Jack, who is obviously very emotionally distraught, but has now inherited their assets!

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