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Podcast72 – They Died With Too Much Money…..So They Did!

Podcast72 – They Died With Too Much Money…..So They Did!

Welcome back to another edition of the Informed Decisions Blog, Ireland's #1 Financial Planning Blog & Podcast! This week we will take on an obscure topic, a topic which is often left till the bitter end before we give it consideration! When it comes to focusing on your Financial Planning, Financial Independence or 'building wealth' it pays, quite literally, to begin with the end in mind!

Speaking of Financial Planning I am delighted to share with you that the 'My Money Matters' Programme I was invited to help create with Count Her In is now alive and well (and carrying a decent introductory discount!) It was a really great thing to be involved in, to be creating a Programme which I believe will have a hugely positive impact for people that want to make positive changes in their finances. It made it all the more rewarding to get paid a few euro for my time and expertise in helping them create it! Seriously, we hope it is of real and tangible long term benefit to anyone who feels it would be of help.

How Can We Die With Too Much Money!?

We'd like to now introduce you to this weeks' fictitious characters, Sinead & Johnny. For simplicity we'll say they were both born in 1948, meaning as of 2018 they are 70 years old. Sinead is from the South East, but living in Dublin since she was a young lady, lured by the handsome young Johnny at the time! Sinead worked on and off over the years, while also rearing their 2 children, Sheena & Joseph, who are now in their early and late 40's. Sinead's husband Johnny worked all his life, most of it in 1 large factory, originally as a labourer and then moved into supervisor and management roles. Johnny loved working and only retired fully from paid employment at the age of 69. Since then they have both been enjoying the spoils of their 50 years of work, travelling, going away for weekends with friends & family, and enjoying the company of their 5 grand-kids!

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