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Podcast71: The Greatest ‘Get-Rich-Quick’ Scheme Ever….

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Podcast71: The Greatest ‘Get-Rich-Quick’ Scheme Ever….

22nd January 2018

Paddy Delaney


We all love an oul get-rich-quick scheme don’t we!? Even if we know it’s far too good to be try we will ‘click’ through or read beyond the head-lines, we just want to know more, ‘sure its only looking’…….that is what has you reading this right now! Well I am on a mission to train you out of such inquisitiveness, this is lesson 1!! (and it’s totally free!)

Imagine a perfectly sane and prudent nation of people getting swept up into a frenzy of buying, trading and bargaining of a particular item, an item that holds the value of a common flower bulb. Imagine the same frenzy taking hold of an entire nation for over 3 years, eventually resulting in a catastrophic downturn and wiping-out of many many of its’ citizens personal wealth and life-savings.

We will explore such an event which happened in the not too distant past, and explore what we can learn from it to protect ourselves from such get-rich-quick schemes in future. (some people have drawn similarities between this event and Bitcoin, we aren’t doing that as they are totally different products & we have no idea how Bitcoin will progress, however the behaviour of the masses might not be that dissimilar!).

Here for the full blog version.

Paddy Delaney.

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