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Podcast #53: Lifting The Lid On Fees….& How To Avoid The Sharks!

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Podcast #53: Lifting The Lid On Fees….& How To Avoid The Sharks!

11th September 2017

Paddy Delaney


It’s Showtime!

If you swim too close to a shark it’ll bite ya! If you have decent savings, investments and pensions you could be in danger of getting bitten too! We’re here to help you understand if you are in danger of getting bitten, it’s up to you as to whether to stay in that water or not!

We are realists here at Informed Decisions and so no matter what you get done; a tap fixed, a wall painted, a tooth pulled, a will administered, a house bought or indeed an investment invested you will pay a price for those services! This episode it aimed squarely at ensuring you know the impact of any fees you are paying on your financial products, wealth management or indeed retail investment products here in Ireland. We’ll also share some insights on what you might be able to do to help yourself avoid a nibbling……because ultimately controlling your costs is a smart thing to do!

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Thanks for listening & sharing!

Paddy Delaney.

QFA | RPA | APA | Qualified Coach


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