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Podcast #39: The Crash is Coming……..What Will You Do!?

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Podcast #39: The Crash is Coming……..What Will You Do!?

6th June 2017

Paddy Delaney


Regular readers & listeners will by now know that Informed Decisions isn’t in the space of trying to predict the markets, we leave that to the fortune-tellers of this world!

We don’t see any benefit in dissecting the daily news-feed and trying to interpret what that means for our investments, pensions, property prices etc. Nobody can do that with any degree of accuracy. Also, what difference does it make if the price of something which you intend holding for 10, 20, 30 or 40 years fluctuates by 0.1 or 1% this week??

And that is what this week’s shortish blog is out to address, our human inclination to do something stupid at the absolute wrong time! It will be a real test of our Financial Planning here in Ireland, so listen to this podcast episode to be as well prepared as possible not to do the wrong thing when that time comes!!

Thanks for listening and sharing.

Paddy Delaney

QFA | RPA | APA | Qualified Coach

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