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Podcast138: The Spice Girls & 20 Years of Inflation in Ireland

Podcast138: The Spice Girls & 20 Years of Inflation in Ireland

Financial Planning in Ireland is on the up. Based on my experience at least, Planning is what people really really want. They may NEED a product to help them achieve their plan, maybe. But they want a plan first and foremost. They want to know that they will be OK financially, that they can afford to do xyz, that they can graduate from full-time employ at x age, and any number of other personal money-dependent goals.

Sure, the actual planning can be hard work, can require work, time, thought, challenge, compromise, debate and decision-making. These activities can and will stir up all sorts of emotions; fear, hope, pain, love, excitement, regret, joy, the list goes on. It is the emotion that it creates is what I get a real kick from. Helping people to plan, and to witness these emotions is what I love most about the work that I do with individual clients. It was in a conversation last week with a client that the topic of inflation came up. It had been mentioned in the news recently, inflation has hit a 7 year high of 1.7%. This blog topic is one I have had on 'the list' for a very long time. It is a huge topic, and some may be disappointed at how short a piece this is, given it's significance, but I feel less is more on this topic - it is a simple concept, too often over-complicated.

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Paddy Delaney

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