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Podcast138: The Spice Girls & 20 Years of Inflation in Ireland

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Podcast138: The Spice Girls & 20 Years of Inflation in Ireland

27th May 2019

Paddy Delaney


Financial Planning in Ireland is on the up. Based on my experience at least, Planning is what people really really want. They may NEED a product to help them achieve their plan, maybe. But they want a plan first and foremost. They want to know that they will be OK financially, that they can afford to do xyz, that they can graduate from full-time employ at x age, and any number of other personal money-dependent goals.

Sure, the actual planning can be hard work, can require work, time, thought, challenge, compromise, debate and decision-making. These activities can and will stir up all sorts of emotions; fear, hope, pain, love, excitement, regret, joy, the list goes on. It is the emotion that it creates is what I get a real kick from. Helping people to plan, and to witness these emotions is what I love most about the work that I do with individual clients. It was in a conversation last week with a client that the topic of inflation came up. It had been mentioned in the news recently, inflation has hit a 7 year high of 1.7%. This blog topic is one I have had on ‘the list’ for a very long time. It is a huge topic, and some may be disappointed at how short a piece this is, given it’s significance, but I feel less is more on this topic – it is a simple concept, too often over-complicated.

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Paddy Delaney

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