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Podcast133: The ‘Paddy Delaney’ Interview

Podcast133: The ‘Paddy Delaney’ Interview

Hi, and welcome to Ireland's #1 Finance Blog & Podcast.

This is a first for Informed Decisions, and this week you get to hear it! We recently got to know Rob O'Donoghue of the Rob Of The Green Podcast. Rob interviews all kinds of really interesting guests, and has over 100 episodes at this stage, he is dedicated to it for sure!

Rob invited me to be a guest on his podcast, and I was happy to oblige. I share the interview with you dear listener, and hope that you get something of value from the conversation we had. We discuss:

  • A Bit Of My Own Background
  • How I Started Blogging & Podcasting
  • Financial Planning Insights
  • My Top Investing Tips
  • Personal Development

All of Rob's podcasts are available here on iTunes and here on his Website.

I hope you enjoy!?


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