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Podcast128: Retirement Relief in Ireland (The Outhouse Version)

Podcast128: Retirement Relief in Ireland (The Outhouse Version)

Welcome back!

'Relief' is an interesting word. If we were to tell someone that we are going to 'relieve myself' it can strike up all sorts of suggestions! Apparently it comes from the Latin 'relevare' which meant 'to alleviate'. In this instance Retirement Relief is all about 'relevare', and to 'relevare' oneself from a burdensome Capital Gains Tax bill!

Retirement Relief is a nugget that is quite often missed as a really lucrative opportunity to reduce one's tax bill, particularly if one is a director, or owns a business or company. Can I claim retirement relief? I am on a mission to help answer that very question. Treat this article as an introduction to Retirement Relief, to wit, like everything you read on the internet, if you are going to pursue this type of route then please do (obviously) seek individual guidance on it!

I have often wondered why not many people know about it or at least why most of us don't hear much about it.....If we were being cynical we would suggest that the reason is because nobody really makes or saves much money from doing it other than the individual client.....but that would only be the response if one was being cynical! But really, I can't think of any other reason! So in this episode I am aiming to share insights on what it is, how it works and ultimately to answer that question; 'Can I claim retirement relief?'

Paddy Delaney QFA RPA APA

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