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Podcast119: Where To Get Financial Advice In Ireland?

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Podcast119: Where To Get Financial Advice In Ireland?

7th January 2019

Paddy Delaney


Hey there, it’s great to be back after a few weeks of rest over the Christmas, it was probably good for all of us to have a break from listening to me! Anyway, very excited about developing what we are doing here, growing the community, and helping more people get the information they need to make good financial decisions for themselves. On reflection over the Christmas I am more keen than ever to keep trying to make a positive difference and to keep telling it like it is! Ever wondered how to get financial advice in Ireland?? This week in our first episode of 2019 I want to outline the options open to people who are perhaps hoping to get their financial lives sorted or who have some big financial decisions to make. Looking for financial advice in Ireland can be confusing; who to trust, how they can help, what they can do or can’t do and what do they charge? Here I hope to outline the various options clearly, outline some of the possible pros and cons of each, and ultimately share some ideas that might help….I hope it is useful. If you haven’t seen it then I suggest reading Blog 27 where I share ideas on what to consider prior to getting advice.

Where Should I Get Financial Advice?

This is a question that many who have had financial decisions to make have considered, some may have had an obvious answer and others less so. My intent with this episode is to outline the various options and help in your decision, if you have one to make. The answer to that question really revolves around the outcome you seek and the manner in which your advisor operates. For some people the way that your advisor works will be important, they will want to know how they are paid and what potential conflicts might be present in their advice. Others will not care one way or the other provided they get what they need in place.

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