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Podcast107: The State Pension….Are You Swimming In The Nip!?

Podcast107: The State Pension….Are You Swimming In The Nip!?

Are you swimming in the nip dear reader?

This week we share some ideas with you about a what the State Pension looks like currently, how much we might get, how we go about qualifying for it, and how the level of income we have from 'guaranteed sources' when we do retire determines how we can access other retirement funds we have set for a nice simple one!!

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This week we help answer the following questions.....

How Much Is The State Contributory Pension Right Now (at time of writing!)

What Age Can I Get The State Pension?

How Do I Qualify For Contributory State Pension?

How Much PRSI Need I Pay To Qualify?

Why It's Not Enough?

Hope you enjoy...

Thanks for listening!


Paddy Delaney

QFA | RPA | APA | Qualified Coach


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