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Building an Investment Portfolio in Ireland. Podcast 158

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Building an Investment Portfolio in Ireland. Podcast 158

11th November 2019

Paddy Delaney


This week I aim to share some brief insights that might be worth knowing when you are building an investment portfolio in Ireland.

When it comes to investing it’s probably fair to say that there is so much choice, probably too much! Reminds me of that weird situation referred to as the ‘paradox of choice’ where, when confronted with too much choice we can stall, suffer from inaction and often make choices that are far from the ones that really wanted! Barry Schwartz’s TED Talk is here, worth a watch!

That same paradox seemingly happens to often to investors and pension-holders in Ireland also. When we are faced with a choice of multi-asset funds, private banking funds, insurance products, index funds, Lithuanian car parks, Alaskan leisure centres, you name it, there are options available for all tastes! Building an investment portfolio in Ireland is not complex but it’s not necessarily easy!


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