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Ruthlessly Independent, 
Fee-Based Advice

As our emphasis is always on forming long-term relationships, the charging structure mirrors that. We are paid a fair price for the value that we bring to clients financial lives.

The charge for on-going financial planning, guidance and wealth management is met by a tiered percentage, as set out below. The service is subject to a minimum fee, therefore a minimum investment of €300,000 applies. This non-commission approach aligns with the Fiduciary Standard of care to clients we believe is the future in Ireland.

Do you find it odd when you go to buy something, but can't see the price?! 99% of advisors in Ireland do not list their fees coherently.

We believe in utter tranparency, even before we work together. It may also help you decide if we might be a good fit for you or not.

“With Informed Decisions, clients typically pay a total of 1-1.2%, to include the costs of all custody, fund management, and on-going financial planning, guidance and my personal support”

Clients invariably find that they were paying considerably more in older investments and pensions structures that they had. As you will see below our offering compares very favourably against the norm.


In Paddy's own words: "As one of the only Irish Ambassadors of the international volunteer movement ‘Transparency Task Force’ I campaign for fair and transparent fees for investors."

"In my work with advisors I encourage them to focus on the clients goals and desires, instead of products & sales. Fortunately there is a real shift under-way, it is slow but the tide is turning back in favour of the consumer, pension holders and investors of Ireland."

In 2018 a European Regulation called ‘Packed Retail Investment and Insurance Products’ (PRIIPS) came into force. This forced providers to give clarity to investors about the fees that they pay on investment products. Investors since 2018 are obliged to be given what is known as a ‘Key Investor Document’ (KID). What has been really eye-opening is that despite many clients being told that they are paying 1% to 1.5% in annual fees, these KIDs show that they are more often paying 2-2.5% in annual fees.

“A Department of Social Protection report recently found that the average annual fee for most investors is 2.2% per year, when underlying charges are included”

How We Compare

Without realising it, most pension-holders and investors in Ireland are paying 2.2% per year in fees.

Industry-Average Annual Investment Fees
= 2.2%

WIth Informed Decisions, clients know exactly who they are paying, why they are paying them, and what they receive in return.

Informed Decisions Advisory Fee: All Financial Planning, Advice, Meetings and Support: 0.5%*
+ Global Custody, On-Line Access & Admin: 0.3%
+ Diversified Portfolio - Index Funds: 0.20%
= 1%

*Advisory Fee for amounts €300,000 and €500,000 = 0.6%
Advisory Fee for amounts €500,000-€1,000,000 = 0.5%
Advisory Fee for amounts over €1m = 0.4%
Global Custody & Admin in certain retirement structures: 0.4%

€400,000 invested for 10 years with average 7% growth

industry norm
7% Growth

Final Value


Reduction in Yield
2.39% per year
informed decisions
7% Growth

Final Value


Reduction in Yield
1.11% per year

The difference

Informed Decisions is

The Impact For You

If you invested €400,000 over 10 years with two different companies, one charging 2.2% and the other charging 1%, both growing at 7% per year; your return would have been €81,460 more in the 1% investment. This is thanks to the magical power of compounding. 

That is over €8,000 of additional growth, or a saving of €8,000 per year in investment fees. €660 per month more for you, thanks to a 1.2% fee differential

The savings outlined here include the flat fee clients pay us for creating their Informed Decisions MasterPlan (€1,200-€1,500) and for implementing new investment and retirement structures (€1,500).

Typical Example

Client Engagement & Master plan

Client engages me to help them define the desired results, conduct analysis and create their Informed Decisions MasterPlan.

Based on 14 hours of analysis and recommendation

Implement Investment Account

Where there is a desire to work together and a tangible benefit to clients we will implement their new strategy.

Fixed cost for establishing their account, no matter what the amount.

Ongoing Guidance, Planning, Portfolio Management

On an investment of €600,000 the total all-in fee per year for our clients is 1% of assets. This is the total cost per year for all custody, admin, fund fees, and the services from me. This included on-going financial planning, guidance, reporting, on-line access and a relationship which stands to deliver results for us all over the long term.

€600,000 x 1%

final pot value

€600,000 invested over 10 year period, paying a total fee of 1%, and average annual growth of 7%

Final Pot value with Informed Decisions

Reduction in yield of 1.09%

the difference

The final pot value with Informed Decisions includes the initial outlay for your Discovery MasterPlan, the costs of implementing your accounts and the total annual fees payable for all services you receive from us. Final Pot value if paying industry norm of 2.2% = €940,310 and reduction in yield of 2.39%.

The difference is€124,123 - yours to keep.

The Difference

No Government Levy
No Exit Penalties
No Commissions
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