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Podcast126: How to Save €1m In A Pension Or Savings Account

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Podcast126: How to Save €1m In A Pension Or Savings Account

25th February 2019

Paddy Delaney


Should I invest in a pension or save money in a bank account!?

Last week I shared some ideas about the value (or potential lack thereof) in having a pension of ‘average’ size. The reaction to that piece was really quite interesting; it seemed to have surprised some people! There is no question that €100,000 is a lot of money, no matter what way you slice it however having that in a pension fund at the point of retirement leaves one with, to be fair, quite limited options to access a meaningful withdrawal income. In last weeks’ piece I referred to a previous blog we shared about the value of amassing a pension pot of €1m, and the considerable options that offers one at retirement. That got me thinking and so this week I take a hearty stab at comparing the merits of saving into a regular deposit savings account, or into a pension if one was aiming for a lump sum of €1m! We will explore which of these in this 2-horse race, in Net terms stands to offer you the best possible chance of success. This is not something that I have never seen done before, maybe there’s a reason for that…..let’s see!

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Paddy Delaney

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