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Podcast #16: How Can I Access My Pension Money?…….Cakified!

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Podcast #16: How Can I Access My Pension Money?…….Cakified!

27th December 2016

Paddy Delaney



We are almost at the very end of 2016, much like all the years before it there was lots happening for everyone. If you had plans for the year you probably have reviewed them and identified what you want out of 2017. Or perhaps you didn’t have plans, which probably accounts for many of us. (If you prefer you can skip to the Podcast Player by just scrolling down now!!)

I’m always conscious of this when we in the this industry tell people they should be preparing an income for themselves in retirement. Irrespective of whether that is through pension, estate planning, alternative assets or indeed sheep (check out blog #13) unless we know what we are aiming for, what the end goal is, it’s really difficult for us to engage in anything. That’s what this blog is going to address, how do I get my money from my pension in Ireland, when I finally reach that point? Podcast Episode 16 (here) focused on the ages at which we can retire in Ireland, this is going to focus on the ‘how’!

Pensions are technical, there is no avoiding that fact. Another fact, we almost all love cake! So I’ve set myself the challenge of helping you understand all this through cake terminology, just to keep you all sweet…..!

Next week we will look into accessing money from Company Pensions, Occupational Schemes and the likes. More cake analogies are in store, I hope you like cake!

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