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Blog118: Duracell-ARF…Making Your ARF Last Longer!

22nd July 2019

If you have, or are soon to have, an Approved Retirement Fund (ARF) you might benefit from the following research....

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24th June 2019

Blog116: Investing In Bonds In Retirement

Investing in Bonds, particularly in retirement (or once we stop working full time!) is the norm. If you are a...

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22nd April 2019

Podcast134: Achieving Financial Independence , With Michael Houghton

Welcome back! Many of us have heard of FIRE (Financial Independence – Retire Early) but not many of us have...

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1st April 2019

Blog107: Diversification Vs Asset Allocation…..

This week we are going to explore two concepts, ‘Diversification’ and ‘Asset Allocation’ which can have significant impact on investment...

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26th November 2018

Blog93: Congregation2018: Beware The Lizard-Brain

Welcome back to Ireland’s award-winning Finance Blog where we are on a mission to share ideas that will have a...

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24th September 2018

Blog85: Is Investing in EII Schemes in Ireland a Viable Option?

If you are reading this you have probably been thinking about investing in EII schemes in Ireland. I hope this...

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23rd September 2018

Blog84a: A Huge Tax Saving On Investments?…….A Tale Of 2 Cities

Charles Dickens’ novel about Dr. Manette, his 18 year incarceration in Paris and subsequent relocation to London to spend time...

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10th September 2018

Podcast104: An American Perspective….With Eric Brotman

Welcome to Ireland’s only dedicated and straight-talking Personal Finance & Financial Planning Blog. We are on a mission to make...

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27th August 2018

Blog 83: The 4% Rule

This week we are taking a closer look at the fabled ‘4% Rule’ relating to drawing-down on investment or retirement...

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2nd July 2018

Blog77: Which Is Best…..’Growth’ Or ‘Value’ Investing??

Growth and Value Investing are both around a long time as an ‘investment strategy’, and there are compelling rationale for...

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