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Investment & Retirement Income Planning

Informed Decisions Financial Planning is an Investment & Retirement Planning firm offering professional planning and authentic guidance to valued clients. I help clients map out their financial needs into the future, and carefully create strategies designed to make those plans a reality.

Why Work With Informed Decisions?

1. Duty Of Care

The clients I work with like that I serve them in a ‘Fiduciary’ way. This means advice & guidance which is totally independent, and in their best interests. I deliberately hold no agreements or affiliations with any Insurance Company, which might conflict that advice. I offer low cost solutions with an emphasis on transparency and long term results.

2. Costs

Clients make a fair and affordable investment for this professional on-going service that serves and benefits them, their investments and their lifestyle. We always discuss and agree any such investment before beginning any work or advice on their behalf. Clients are financially better-off as a result of this approach.

3. Expertise

I have all the technical expertise and experience at hand to help you achieve results, with multiple academic qualifications and over 15 years of learning and insight in investment and retirement planning. More importantly my intent is to always achieve a win-win, and am dedicated to ensuring clients achieve the results they aspire to.

While I would love to help everyone it is not practical to deliver this service to an unlimited number of clients, especially with this non-commission approach. I am very grateful to work with the clients I do over the long term, and am therefore deliberate in who I best serve.

Below Are The Type Of People I Best Serve

Many people who seek my help do so on the basis of seeking a 2nd opinion on their arrangements, or clarity on the best way forward. If you’d like to explore the ways we can help you map out your financial future and guide you towards strategies designed to make that plan a reality, call me today on 041-9888043


Who I Help:

People seeking a 2nd opinion on their arrangements and planning

Retired or preparing for it

Diligent savers who have already accumulated investment or pension savings of over €200,000

Clients who recognise that their income and lifestyle is too important to leave to chance, who seek an independent financial planner to guide them

People with whom we share a mutual respect & trust


The Questions I Help Answer:

How can I optimise investments over the long term?

How can I manage risks and potential loss?

How should I build wealth as I approach retirement?

How much income can I take in Retirement?

How can I ensure that income will outlive me?



What I Don't Do:

I do not sell products or policies

I make no predictions about market performance, instead base an outlook on research and evidence

I never make recommendations without significant research and evidence to support it

I never advise you to do something that does not stand to significantly benefit you, your finances and your lifestyle



“The fact that Informed Decisions is genuinely independent, approachable, and does not sell ‘product’, meant that the entire focus was on linking my short, medium and long-term goals to a sound and clear financial plan. Paddy produced an excellent financial report for me, showing exactly what I needed to do, in order to achieve my goals"

Mid-Level Civil Servant, Co. Dublin

Investment Decisions

“What I needed was someone who could take the time to understand my life goals, help me prepare for the future and be my Coach through the myriad of options. Not only does Informed Decisions fit this bill for me but I couldn't be happier knowing that they are independent and extremely cost effective"

IT Manager, Dublin 1

Cost Effective

“I have invested in funds for years, and was totally unaware of the fees I was paying. I then asked for real costs of any investment I might make with Informed Decisions, and got details of the relative charge compared with current charges. This info and coupled with logical, non-mysterious guidance and clear plan, meant I was happy work with them”

Bank Official, Co Louth


Informed Decisions provide us with an independent service that specifically suits both our business and our employee’s personal requirements. Their work is hallmarked by their personable approach and sound independent guidance

Business Owner, Dublin 2

The Truth

“Having been ‘advised’ by a sales-guy for years I was delighted to be introduced to Informed Decisions by a colleague. The biggest impact for me has been the clarity, lack of jargon and unbiased truth that I receive from them at every encounter”

Business Owner, Co. Meath

Our Plan

Thanks Paddy, for taking the time to understand our financial situation, family priorities and vision for our future, and bringing it all together to give us a solid and realistic financial plan. All done in a very uncomplicated way, despite great attention to detail. We never thought we’d enjoy looking into our finances so much!!

Senior Manager, Dublin

The ‘Client Journey’

Each of us have different circumstances, needs and concerns about our financial futures, just as each person that I work with has very individual circumstances, needs and concerns.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ for the people I work with. In order to help clients achieve their goals and avoid mistakes, I have developed a clear approach, or  ‘Client Journey’.


In order to provide this guidance Informed Decisions Limited is regulated and authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland. As a client you are protected by Consumer Protection Code. Informed Decisions is insured to help individual clients, business owners, and directors with their investment and retirement planning

For a no-obligation initial call with me, call 041-9888043 or click ‘Contact Paddy’

Training & Coaching

As a qualified coach, trainer and leadership facilitator I get huge satisfaction from supporting others in the financial services profession to help more clients.

Anything which allows me the opportunity to shift the dial in terms of the client experience and outcomes is of interest to me. I work only with groups of financial planners and advisors that are trying to add real value to clients and have the clients’ interests at heart.

I do a range of full-day, half-day training events and conferences, all of which are bespoke and created with the client’s objectives in mind. I gain a huge level of satisfaction from helping credible advisors to achieve their goals, and in turn to help their clients achieve theirs.


Helping Consumers


As of 2018 I was appointed as Ireland’ only Ambassador for the ‘Transparency Task Force‘ This non-profit community of financial professionals strives to increase the levels of transparency and clarity for consumers of financial services. My intent in being an Ambassador is to try to play a small part in ensuring that this profession, which I believe adds huge value to society, still exists in 10, 20 years and beyond.

In addition to this I am an active volunteer presenter of the ‘Money Skills For Life Programme’ which is run by the state funded Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC). This ‘talk’ provides free financial information and education to employees in the workplace and other groups in seminars of 1-hour. I deliver on average of 4 of these in workplaces offices per year.