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Blog #1 What is this blog about, and why should I bother reading it!?

Blog #1 What is this blog about, and why should I bother reading it!?


Welcome to the very first official Blog post from, with me, Paddy Delaney!

Firstly, to hear a bit more about me, and why this site now exists in Ireland please have a quick read here.

So, why should you keep reading this blog!?

1) You may be looking for some completely impartial information on many aspects of your Personal Finance and Financial Planning

2) You may be looking to take control of your own finances and money management

3) You may be keen to maximise the value you get from your money, be that to save, invest, spend, retire, enjoy or to purely put money aside for the long term

4) You are interested in reading content that is both informative and (hopefully) somewhat entertaining!

5) You value sound and qualified financial insight from an individual who is on a mission to share information which he believes should be readily available to all millennials in Ireland

Assuming you fall into one of more of the above categories then please keep reading, and subscribe on the button to the right of this page, or on the Home page.




The is to share information to help you remove fear and to make more informed decisions with your money and finances. What I ask of you, simply, is to ‘share’, ‘like’, comment, or ‘retweet’ a post which you feel adds value to you.

If you do this, which a lot of our readers do, it helps spread the information even further.

Thank You,

Paddy Delaney
Qualified Financial Advisor


  1. This is refreshing, badly needed and timely. Looking forward the newsletter, well done!
    • Patrick Delaney
      Hi John, Thanks for the kind comments. Looking forward to the journey, and please keep your comments coming! Paddy

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