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Investing For Retirement. Effective Retirement Income Strategies. Podcast 148

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Investing For Retirement. Effective Retirement Income Strategies. Podcast 148

19th August 2019

Paddy Delaney


Investing for Retirement?

Welcome to Ireland’s #1 Personal Finance Blog and Podcast, with me Paddy Delaney! This week we explore an important topic for many, and that is managing our income when we leave full-time employment. When we enter ‘Life 2’ we are switching from accumulation to spending, which is a big shift for many people to take.

I hope this piece offers some insights that will help you.

In this article I aim to answer the following questions that I frequently hear in working with clients who are in this stage, and for many are a cause of concern, until answered:

  • How much can I safely take from my Approved Retirement Fund?
  • Should I be flexible about how much I take from my Approved Retirement Fund (ARF)?
  • Should I invest in Bonds in order to avoid volatility
  • Investing for retirement?

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