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Podcast101: Using Trusts In Your Estate/Financial Planning

Podcast101: Using Trusts In Your Estate/Financial Planning

We have recently been asked to share ideas on how an individual (or couple) can ensure their investments/estate/assets are properly distributed and managed once they die. It is an area that is of real value and interest to both the people who may be 'receiving' and indeed obviously to the people that are 'giving' it!

While Trusts are an area that we have touched-on in previous episodes we would not claim to be legal experts on the matter. For that reason we have invited Pauric Druhan, a qualified solicitor and trust expert from Pearse Trust to join us on the Podcast.

Pauric shares his experience and knowledge on the different types of Trusts but more practically he shares examples of how they can be used and in what circumstances they can be of significant benefit to people who want to manage the 'distribution' of their estate before and indeed after they die. It is a key part of Estate Planning in Ireland and in reality it is something that most in this space would benefit from being more aware of.

As you will by now be well aware we are on a mission here at Informed Decisions to help our listeners and readers to make effective decisions for themselves which will result in better financial outcomes, and this episode is no different! Drop me a mail if you have any suggestions, questions or feedback.

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