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Latest Podcasts

Podcast122: Defined Benefit Scheme – Should I Take A Transfer From A DB Scheme?

Welcome to Informed Decisions, Ireland's #1 Personal Finance Blog & Podcast! Hope you managed to catch last weeks' Podcast with Andy Agathangelou, all about developing more transparency in Financial Services, it was a decent chat! This week I am on a mission to shred some myths about that big question:…

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Podcast116: What Is Entrepreneur Relief & Is It Any Use To Me??

Welcome back to Ireland's award winning & independent financial planning blog & podcast, where we are on a mission to share ideas and information that hopefully helps you make decisions that delivers long term results for you. Thanks for the lovely reaction to last weeks' episode, I certainly enjoyed sharing…

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Podcast109: The Real Impact Of Budget 2019 (Budgety McBudget-Face)

In 2016 The Natural Environment Research Council in the UK invited the public to name their latest scientific research vessel, which was costing £200m. This vessel was going to be doing (and currently is doing) really insightful and exploratory work, making new discoveries and so on. Really important, noble and…

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Podcast 108: When Investing ‘Risk Questionnaires’ Are Dangerous

If you have ever invested money in a fund or collective fund with a 3rd party, either through a pension or through an investment structure (product or platform) you will most likely have already completed a 'Risk Questionnaire' or 'Risk Survey'. It may have formed part of the bigger conversation…

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Podcast #67: How Much Could I Save By Switching Mortgage? The Big Switcheroo!

What do most of us have......really really desperately wanted it initially..........but now we really really want to get rid of (a clue, it's not your partner!).................the answer is of course our mortgage! We have covered mortgages a few times on here, including the ever popular 'should I clear my mortgage…

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Podcast #58: ‘Owning’ A Baby….The Costs! (Plus Our First ‘Hidden Track’!!!)

OK, we were being a bit mischievous in calling it 'owning'.....but if you have one you'll know that the responsibility lies squarely on your you may as well 'own' the little darling!! We are not just gonna list off the usual baby stuff, as we like to do here…

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Podcast #57: Rebalancing Your Investments…..What is It & Is It Worth Doing??

This week we take on a subject which, while not that earth-movingly exciting, has gained in popularity over recent years in the investment industry, and that subject is rebalancing. Rebalancing, in the simplest and most honest terms can be described as taking money out of your 'winners' and putting it…

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Podcast #49: The Coaching Interview – With Professional Coach Niall English

We are joined by Professional Coach Niall English, to uncover exactly what coaching is, how it can be of benefit to us in achieving the things we want to achieve. We also take a look at how it might be useful if you find yourself in need of making some…

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Podcast #45: Investing in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)…The Facts

Hey, and welcome to another episode of Informed Decisions Financial Planning podcast here in Ireland. If you have ever asked yourself: What are ETFs?...... How Do I invest in ETFs?....... How Do ETFs actually work?..... Are ETFs Risky?..................Then this episode will hopefully give you some useful information. This time around…

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Podcast #41: Interview with Stephen Browne – CashFlow Forecasting Tools

Welcome to Episode #41 of the Informed Decisions Financial Planning Podcast, still the only dedicated Podcast of it's type here in Ireland! In this episode Paddy speaks with Stephen Browne, who is owner and distributor of Voyant here in Ireland. There are several providers of this type of software for…

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Podcast #9: Our First Guest Episode! Physical Health Expert Andrew Hageman- Are Physical & Financial Health Linked?

Episode 9 of the Informed Decisions Podcast introduces Physical Health expert Andrew Hageman of Meath-based A&S Fitness. We discuss links between Financial & Physical health, reasons to pursue both and some really useful tips to get on the path to physical (and subsequently financial) wellbeing. Andrew shares his personal story,…

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Podcast #1: An Introduction!

Hi! What a day for Informed Decisions, and all the fans of Personal Finance in Ireland and beyond! This is the very first episode of what is Ireland's very first dedicated Personal Finance & Financial Planning Podcast! This introductory episode is aimed at giving you a sense of who Paddy…

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