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Pension Property, with Tommy Nielsen – Podcast 177

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Pension Property, with Tommy Nielsen – Podcast 177

5th May 2020

Paddy Delaney


This week, as promised in our recent piece on the Pros & Cons of Pension Property, we share with you further details of owning a Property within a Pension.

We were delighted to have Tommy Neilsen, qualified Solicitor and ‘Head of Legal’ with Independent Trustee Company (ITC) Dublin. Tommy has been with ITC since 2005, and deals with all legal aspects relating to the Pension Trustee services they provide.

In this episode you will hear:

– Legal considerations around Pensions holding Property

– How the structure actually works

– How safe it is or isn’t

– Further Pros & Cons

– Lessons Learned

Having served as chairman of both The Law Society’s Sub-Committee on Pensions and chairman The Association of Pension Trustees in Ireland, Tommy brings a level of knowledge and understanding of Pension Property, that hopefully helps you in learning about it.

Thanks for listening,

Paddy Delaney

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