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My purpose is to share ideas and insights that might make a positive difference

Welcome to Ireland’s Award-Winning Personal Finance Blog & Podcast! We believe that the financial service Industry has it all wrong; it focuses on selling products often at the expense of the individual client. I am trying to shift that focus back to the individual. Whether you are in your 30’s, in your 80’s or somewhere in-between I hope that you will gain some insight here that will help you achieve results and avoid mistakes in your financial decisions.

I take great pride in being totally independent in the information I share, and remain as unbiased as possible (for one with strong views on this stuff!). I deliberately have no sponsorship, affiliations or any links that might inhibit my freedom of speech here. You will not be asked to buy anything through this website. All I ask in return is that if you like what you see or hear then please tell a friend about the website, blog or podcast.

This website exists to help make a positive difference, and I absolutely love what I do……I hope it shows.


A Little About Me…….

Following 3rd level education in 2003 I entered the financial services ‘industry’. While I was always focused on doing the right thing I was a traditional financial advisor back then, I sold policies and plans, doing so for 7 years before becoming truly frustrated at the limitations that put on my ability to really add value to clients.

In 2012 an opportunity came about to coach other financial advisors. I became a qualified trainer, coach and facilitator, working with literally hundreds of financial advisors, brokers and financial planners from 2012 to 2018. My main intent here was to help them to help more clients more effectively, and to enjoy what they do. Again, it was work that I loved, and I was fortunate to have learned from some great people.

The Informed Decisions Blog began during this period, in 2016, as a bit of a passion-project. I wrote and created the website and blogs during weekends, early mornings and late nights. It was (and is!) something that I am hugely proud of, for no other reason than it is helping people to take control of their financial decisions, and is making a positive difference in people’s lives (or so they tell me!).

I was getting lots of people asking me for individual financial planning, however I was working in full-time role at that stage and was not in a position to help. In May 2018, following the birth of our 3rd child I set sail on a new adventure, delivering results for individuals in their financial planning, and groups of advisors in assisting their clients. The first year has been a a superb experience and am delighted to be working with a select number of clients and helping them achieve real results.

I am hugely grateful to be doing work that I love, with people that I enjoy working with, and making a meaningful difference to them. Special thanks due to my wife Fiona who has supported me in making this happen. Family is my #1 priority, and we have great fun (some pics below!).

Oh, it is my ambition to donate a least 10% of our profit each and every year to a registered charity. In December 2018 I was grateful to have been able to make a meaningful donation to Remember Us, who are based in Balbriggan and provide activities and supports to people with special needs, and their families in Dublin, Louth & Meath……they are doing awesome work.

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