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Investment & Pension Planning

I help individuals and business owners to achieve tangible results, and to avoid costly financial mistakes in their Investment and Retirement Planning. Many clients initially approach me in need of a credible second opinion. As one of Ireland's only non-commission Financial Planners I enjoy long term and mutually beneficial relationships with a select number of valued clients.

Who I Best Serve


While they might not call themselves ‘rich’ I offer best value and access to optimum solutions to clients with at least €200,000 of investment or pension assets.


I specialize in working with people who are either already retired or are within 10 years of doing so. This allows me to tailor services and expertise to this group of clients.

Trust & Respect

I have a strong preference for working with people where we have a mutual respect and where we enjoy working together. This always helps deliver better outcomes.

Seeking A Trusted Advisor

Our clients understand that their current and future lifestyle is too important to leave to chance. They value professional and personal guidance and like that guidance to be truly independent.

If this sounds like you I would love to have an initial call with you. In total confidence and at no expense we will explore if we are a good fit to work together on your financial planning.

What We Do

Informed Decisions Financial Planning is a non-commission investment and retirement income planning firm. We work with a select number of individuals and business owners who are already retired or are within 10 years of doing so.

Our investment philosophy revolves around selecting effective portfolios that are diversified, well-structured and cost effective. The focus is always on achieving real returns over the long term, not on complexity and confusion.

We are committed to truly independent Financial Planning & Wealth Management with every client. We work together to create your own Informed Decisions MasterPlan, a deep analysis and cashflow, before agreeing to any changes in your investment or retirement planning. Our on-going relationship is a deeply personal one, and proven to help clients achieve long term results, and avoid costly mistakes.

Our Services

  • Detailed Financial Planning & Cashflow Forecasting
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Investment Performance Analysis & Comparison
  • Portfolio Design & Implementation
  • Tax & Cost Effective Wealth Management
Frequently asked questions

Why Work With Me

Informed Decisions Master Plan

A Financial MasterPlan


A Relationship Of Trust

Save Money

Keep Costs Low

Long term growth

Long Term Results

Client Journey

I am currently seeking long term client relationships built on mutual respect and trust, enabling you to experience a valuable and personal service, standing the highest probability of achieving your goals.

If you feel we might be a good fit please get in touch to arrange an initial call. If we decide to proceed this is the journey you can expect:

Getting To Know You

In our first face to face meeting we focus on you. We explore you, your goals, your concerns and the life you want to live. This meeting is at our expense.

Creating Your Informed Decisions MasterPlan

I take what you have told me in our first meeting and create your financial MasterPlan. This will answer your biggest financial questions and detail the strategy required to achieve your goals.

Take Action

Where of benefit to you I will help you to make the changes required, establsh the portfolios best suited to achieve your desired results, reduce costs and optimise tax opportunities.

Our Relationship

We know each other well by now. We continue our relationship through meeting each year, and regular updates. I help you avoid mistakes and stick to your plan over the long term.

Common customer questions

At what age can I afford to leave full-time employment?
How should I invest my funds when approaching and in retirement?
How can I ensure I have sufficient income in retirement?
How to reduce volatility but achieve returns over the long-term?
How do I figure out how to structure my pension draw-down?
Should I clear debt or invest for the future?
Am I achieving the returns that I need to?
What fees and charges am I currently paying on my investments and pensions?
How to access investment that offer more favourable tax treatment?

A Fair Fee

I do not sell products – I do not earn commissions – I do not predict the future – I do not advise clients to do anything I will not do myself.

Because I believe in a fair fee in return for what I do for clients, and believe that total transparency will deliver better relationships, I fully disclose online the fee that clients pay me for the value I bring them.

How We Compare

Important Documents

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While we would love to help everyone we offer our service to individuals and business owners who have accumulated €200,000+ of investment and pension assets, and who are aiming to retire within 10 years.

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