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Fee-Based Investment & Pension Planning

We help successful consultants & business owners to prudently plan, and transition from full-time employment. We offer a boutique service where a professional and personal touch is our mission.

Informed Decisions Financial Planning is one of Ireland's only non-commission and ruthlessly Independent firms. We enjoy long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with a select number of valued clients across the country.

Who We Best Serve


Self-employed consultants and business-owners who have accumulated north of €300,000 of investment and pension assets


Most of our clients are retired or plan to be within 10 years. Our boutique services are specific to their circumstances

Trust & Respect

We work with clients on the basis of a trust and respect for each other. We guide clients on all aspects of their financial lives


Clients seek our help when they finally want to work with a firm that is looking out for them and who do it on a transparent fee basis

If this sounds like you, and you are seeking help, please get in touch here. First step is an initial phone call in total confidence, and at no expense to you.

Our Expertise

A sample of what we will do for you as part of our MasterPlan™ Maintain Programme

  • Help you think about what you wish to achieve now and also in the medium and long term. Build a specific and robust financial plan using sophisticated financial forecasting software. Tell you what is and what is not realistic
  • Be a critical thinking partner to you, and challenge you to live the life you want to live, within your means
  • We know how investment management works and where the returns come from. We know what information is relevant and which is noise
  • We help you implement the right structures at the right time, and which companies to use to get the desired results
  • We’ll help you realise what you are worth. We can help you to insure yourself and your family against unpleasant health surprises
  • We know what asset classes and financial instruments provide the real returns, and know which ones to avoid. We help you focus on ‘what’s always worked ‘and avoid ‘what’s working today.’
  • Help you understand the difference between loss of capital, volatility, and inflation. Importantly, we’ll help you act accordingly
  • Help you realise that investors are the biggest wealth-destroyer of all, and to control your behaviour through all market cycles, fads, fears, euphoria, and Armageddon
  • You have access to our combined expertise of over 70+ years with non-standard investment and pension planning (link to our team)
  • We dislike unregulated advice and murky financial products and have a finely tuned scam avoidance antenna
  • While doing all of the above, we schedule regular planning meetings with you to ensure your plan is on track, that it’s fit for purpose as your life changes, and to make valuable adjustments only when we need to

What We Do

We are committed to truly independent investment & retirement income planning. In the first instance we will work together to create your own Informed Decisions MasterPlan. Only then will we consider any changes in your investment or retirement planning. We then work closely together over the long-term; where we will tell you the unvarnished truth, challenge you when needed, and help you make tactical changes which benefit you.

Our investment philosophy is based on the optimum wealth management and investment strategies available globally. Using expert consultation, we create cost effective portfolios that are diversified and proven. The focus is always on achieving real returns over the long term, not on complexity, high-costs and confusion.

Informed Decisions Financial Planning

  • Detailed Financial Planning & Cashflow Forecasting
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Investment Performance Analysis & Comparison
  • Portfolio Design & Implementation
  • Tax & Cost Effective Wealth Management
Frequently asked questions

Why Work With Us?

Informed Decisions Master Plan

A Clear Plan


The Unvarnished Truth

Save Money

Cost Effective Structure

Long term growth

Real Results

Client Journey

We are currently seeking long term client relationships that match the above profile. We deliver a valuable and personal service, where you stand the highest probability of achieving your goals.

If you feel we might be a good fit, please get in touch to arrange an initial call. When we decide to proceed, this is the journey you can expect:

Getting To Know You

In our first face to face meeting we focus on you. We explore you, your goals, your concerns and the life you want to live. This meeting is at our expense.

Creating Your Informed Decisions MasterPlan

We take what you have told us in our first meeting and create your financial MasterPlan. This will answer your biggest financial questions and detail the strategy required to achieve you and your business financial goals.

Take Action

When it is of benefit to you, we will make the changes required in your structures and planning. We establish the portfolios best suited to achieve your desired results, reduce costs and optimise tax opportunities.

Our Relationship

We know each other well by now. We continue our relationship through meeting each year, and regular contact. We help you avoid costly mistakes, and to stick to your MasterPlan.

Benefits of Working With Informed Decisions

Informed Decisions Master Plan

Real Investment Returns


Tax Efficient

Save Money

Value For Money

Informed Decisions Master Plan

Clarity & Confidence


Dedicated Personal Service

Save Money

Stewardship & Council

Common Client Concerns

When can I comfortably leave employment?
Will we have enough money to live a comfortable life?
How can we avoid losing money before we retire?
How can I get the best returns for my money, without losing it?
Optimum strategy to maximise  ARF & AMRF pension draw-down?
Am I missing out on some valuable tax opportunities?
I'm not convinced that our old advisor has our best interests at heart.
What fee are we really paying on our investments and pensions?
We want an advisor that looks out for us, that we trust, and that we can really talk to

A Fair Fee

In all circumstances, you will be informed of all costs before giving the go-ahead on any regulated advice. We express the values we add to client's live here in our Client Care Programme. We do not sell products – we do not earn commissions – we do not predict the future – we do not advise clients to do anything we do not do ourselves with our own finances.

Because we believe in a fair fee in return for what we do for clients, and that total transparency will deliver better relationships, we fully disclose the fee clients pay us.

How We Compare

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Our Services

Discover the non-standard and client focused services we offer

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