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Talking Financial Independence with Mrs. Smart Money – Podcast 165

27th January 2020

Many of us hear about Financial Independence, and it being a distant objective. But does it have to be a...

20th January 2020

5 Signs That You Need An Independent Financial Advisor – Podcast 164

As of March 31st 2020 new Central Bank of Ireland rules will mean that only a financial advice firm that...

13th January 2020

Demise of Absolute Return Funds in Ireland – Podcast 163

A lot of folk, mostly at the encouragement of some advisors, decided to invest in Absolute Return Funds in Ireland....

16th December 2019

Podcast 162: Equity Markets at My Birth!

Welcome to Ireland’s award-winning investment and financial planning Blog & Podcast. As our final Blog of 2019 I have given...

9th December 2019

Invest In Equities or Wait For ‘The Crash’? Podcast 161

Welcome to Ireland’s award-winning investment and financial planning Blog & Podcast. If you are wondering if now is the right...

25th November 2019

Podcast 160: Emerging Market Index Funds Ireland

Emerging Markets Index Funds might sound a little technical, but please do bare with me, even I can understand it,...

18th November 2019

Podcast 159: Finding Financial Advice in Ireland

Looking for Financial Advice or Financial Planning in Ireland you can trust? A few weeks ago I did a piece...

11th November 2019

Building an Investment Portfolio in Ireland. Podcast 158

This week I aim to share some brief insights that might be worth knowing when you are building an investment...

21st October 2019

The Expat Tax Special – With Barry Murphy of ‘Expat Tax Services Ireland’. Podcast 157

Expat Tax is a subject that I often get asked about from listeners. These are individuals that may be leaving...

14th October 2019

The Best Investment Funds in Ireland. Podcast 156

Ever wondered which are the best investment Fund in Ireland?? Well if you have, you came to the right place!...