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Time For The Financial Advice Profession To Pull Up It’s Socks? Podcast 176

27th April 2020

How would you feel if you discovered you were paying double the level of fees on your pension or investment...

20th April 2020

The Paul Kenny Conversation – Podcast 175

Paddy chats with Ireland’s former Pensions Ombudsman, Paul Kenny. Paul remains an active member of the pension profession in Ireland. ...

6th April 2020

Buy Property With A Pension – Podcast 174

Should I buy property with a pension? Ever wonder what the pros and cons are if you did decide to...

30th March 2020

The Dawn or Dusk of The Independent Financial Advisor in Ireland? Podcast 173

1st April 2020 will bring with it the dawn, or the dusk of ‘Independent Financial Advice’ in Ireland. I really...

23rd March 2020

Are Equities For The Scrap Heap!? Podcast 172

‘Are Equities For The Scrap Heap’? I feel compelled to nail our colours to the mast at the outset. I...

16th March 2020

What To Do With My Investments and Pensions In A Declining Market? Podcast 171

What to do with my investments and Pensions in a declining Market? Absolutely Nothing. That is all. Listen-on for a...

9th March 2020

Davy Funds (GPS) – An Independent Review – Podcast 170

This week, following a recent conversation (there I go with ‘conversations’ again!), we share a detailed analysis of the Davy...

2nd March 2020

Retire Successfully, with Derek Bell – Podcast 169

Welcome back to Ireland’s award-winning Financial Planning Blog & Podcast. This week we were excited to chat with return-guest, Derek...

24th February 2020

Have You Already Reached Financial Independence? Podcast 168

This piece is inspired by some recent conversations. These conversations have got me thinking about Financial Independence. It also reminded...

17th February 2020

Podcast 167: Life Planning with George Kinder

What is the relationship between life and our money? Listen to this conversation we had with George Kinder to hear...