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Building an Investment Portfolio in Ireland. Podcast 158

11th November 2019

This week I aim to share some brief insights that might be worth knowing when you are building an investment...

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14th October 2019

The Best Investment Funds in Ireland. Podcast 156

Ever wondered which are the best investment Fund in Ireland?? Well if you have, you came to the right place!...

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7th October 2019

Top 10 Financial Planning Tips – Podcast 155

This week, I share ‘Top 10 Financial Planning Tips’, in the hope it helps a little. ‘Mind the pennies and...

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7th October 2019

Top 10 Financial Planning Tips – Blog 126

Here I share the top 10 Financial Planning tips that I hope will help you. Welcome to Ireland’s dedicated and...

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7th January 2019

Best Ways To Get Independent Financial Advice In Ireland? Blog 96

Seeking genuinely Independent Financial Advice in Ireland? I hope this helps you in your search! Hey there, it’s great to...

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15th May 2017

Is It Profitable Being A Landlord??……..The Maths! Blog 33

Is it profitable being a landlord? Let’s see! Apparently 66% of the 70,000 ‘landlords’ in Ireland own 1 investment property....

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