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We understand that running a business AND prioritising your own personal wealth is not as easy as it sounds. We help business owners to put strategies in place to maximise their personal wealth through tax efficient planning, exit strategy or business sale.

You may have concerns or important decisions to make in regards your fianancial planning. You are looking for clarity on the right things to do next to make the most of the opportunity you have worked hard to create. We can be your guide along the way.

barry kerrigan

Barry is co-owner of Kerrigan’s CraftButchers, who operate three successful and award-winning retail stores across Dublin.

Having been with one of the traditional advice companies for years I was not satisfied with the service and advice. From the initial meeting to now being an on-going client with Informed Decisions I've been very impressed by the knowledge, service and the advice I have received. I now feel I'm on the right path to a successful retirement plan and have someone looking out for me.

As Part of Your MasterPlan™ We Will Help You To:

Identify Your Financial Life Priorities

We’ll help you to explore and understand the business and lifestyle you want through some meaningful conversations.

Due-Diligence On Your Existing Arrangements

We'll provide an informed 2nd opinion on your current startegy and portfolios, analysis performance, costs and success

Remove The Hassle & Time-Wasted

We'll help you to simplify your arrangements, reducing the hassle and time you need to invest in managing your finances

Capitalise on Opportunities & Tax Benefits

We'll ensure that you are well positioned to make the most of the opportunities that many of your peers miss

Develop A Clear Road-Map & Strategy

We'll help you be confidence about your financial future, and know exactly how to achieve the results you seek

Use Optimum Portfolios

We'll outline the most cost effective and secure portfolios that have the higest probability of success

Who I Best Serve


Self-employed consultants and business-owners who have accumulated north of €300,000 of investment and pension assets


Most of our clients are retired or plan to be within 10 years. Our boutique services are specific to their circumstances

Trust & Respect

We work with clients on the basis of a trust and respect for each other. We guide clients on all aspects of their financial lives


Clients seek our help when they finally want to work with a firm that is looking out for them and who do it on a transparent fee basis

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