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Blog #26- A Very Special Interview & Our Annual Survey Results…..

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Blog #26- A Very Special Interview & Our Annual Survey Results…..

27th March 2017

Paddy Delaney


Welcome to the latest blog post in Ireland’s only dedicated resource on Financial Planning for investors and pension holders. In this Blog we will cover a lot of ground, but I promise to be as concise as is feasible! We want to share two really exciting updates with you; a very special interview and the results of our Informed Decisions Annual Listener Survey!

If you are a new visitor to Informed Decisions, have a quick look over here to find out what we are all about and why this blog & podcast exists in Ireland. If not, welcome back! As always, you can check out our Podcast, Ireland’s only dedicated Personal Finance & Financial Planning Podcast.

If you are not a regular listener of the Podcast that is perfectly OK by us, we love you all the same! However we have had a fabulous guest on the show, a New York Times Best Selling Author and a Doctor of Money Decision-Making….so if ever there was a reason to try our our podcast this is it! To make it even more digestible we have split this informative interview into 2 parts, both can be listened to below…….we would love you to try it out!

Assuming you have listened to both of the shows I am sure you will agree, there is food for thought, and indeed practical nuggets we could all apply in managing and trying to make informed decisions with our money?!

Annual Survey Results:

Firstly thanks to so so many of you for completing the survey over the past few weeks. We have a total of 135 completions of the survey, so as promised we have donated €1 per every completed survey to Irish Cancer Society….here is their note of appreciation to you all…..Thanks Again folks!

It was really interesting to finally discover who is engaging with Informed Decisions, and what they are into! The purpose of this was to hear from you, our listeners and readers on what is important to you! How novel!!

Here is a sense of the results we have seen…

Which Age Category!?

Of those that responded 73% are 30-40 years of age, 13% 20-30 and 10% 40-50.

What Industry Do You Work In?

Other 22%

Insurance 14%
Education 12%
Finance/Accounting 12%
Banking 10%
Technology 8%
Construction 6%
Engineering 6%
Retail 4%
State/Local Government 4%
Hospitality 1%

Do You Listen to Any Podcast At Least Every Week?

57% No

43% Yes (Lets try and move the dial on this one so yeah!?)

Which Of The Following Are Your Biggest Priorities Areas Yet To Be Fully Addressed?

The 4 most common topics of absolute priority for our audience are Budgeting, Reduce Outgoings, Mortgages & Retirement Planning. We must admit at being a little surprised at these 4. really informative for us in shaping the content we share with you all in future.

65% of you said you would be seeking Financial Guidance in the coming 12 months, and these were the areas in which you said you would seek this advice:

22% Do It Yourself

18% Friends Would Help

18% Financial Planner

17% Not Sure Where You Would Get It!

7% From Your Bank

Which of The Following Would You Prefer To Pay In Order To Get That Advice

Up-Front Planning Fee: 55%

Commissions as part of a Product: 45%

How Would You Like To Get This Advice?

55% Face To Face

26% Mixture of Face To Face & Online

I Would (or Did!) Recommend Informed Decisions to My Friends/Colleagues As A Useful Place To Get Unbiased Information?

91% Said Yes (Phew!!)

How Did You Discover Informed Decisions?

49% Through Word Of Mouth

51% Various Social Media Channels

Which Do You Prefer On Informed Decisions?

Blog 38%

Podcast 36%

Both 26%

If Available Via Informed Decisions, Which Of The Following Would You Consider? (Top 3)

Financial Guidance 64%

Budgeting Tools 40%

Financial Planning 40%

In Your Opinion How Credible & Trustworthy Is Informed Decisions

Average Rating was 8.9/10 🙂

Which Of The Following Would Make Informed Decisions More Beneficial To You & Your Family/Friends? (Top 5 shown)

60% More ‘Quick Guides’

47% Financial Advice

32% More Podcast Interviews

30% Online Mortgage Comparison Tool

Which Of The Following Topics Do You Want To See More Of On The Show? (Top 4)

40% Taxation

38% Savings

37% Family Finances

35% Financial Planning

Now That You Have Completed This Survey How Awesome Are You!!!!?

You Gave Yourselves An Average Rating of 5.35/6! Yee Are tough on yourselves I must say!!

Here at Informed Decisions we have gone to lengths to determine what you guys want us to share information on, so we will do just that. You will already see topics which you have asked for on the show being done in recent weeks (check out this and this!). We will continue to develop tools and resources for you to maximise your financial futures and ultimately to enable Ireland’s investors and pension holders to master their own Financial Planning.

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