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What To Do With My Investments and Pensions In A Declining Market? Blog 138

16th March 2020

What to do with my investments and Pensions in a declining Market? Absolutely Nothing. That is all. Realising that you...

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9th March 2020

Davy GPS Funds – An Independent Analysis. Blog 137

DAvy GPS Funds – An Independent & Unbiased Analysis. This week, following a recent conversation (there I go with ‘conversations’...

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2nd March 2020

Have You Already Achieved Financial Independence!? Blog 136

This piece is inspired by some recent conversations. These conversations have got me thinking about Financial Independence. It also reminded...

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3rd February 2020

Are Irish Commercial Property Funds In Trouble? Blog 135

This week there have been two ‘big news’ revelations about Irish Commercial Property Funds, neither of which will be deemed...

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20th January 2020

5 Signs You Need to Engage an Independent Financial Advisor – Blog 134

As of March 31st 2020 new Central Bank of Ireland rules will mean that only a financial advice firm that...

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13th January 2020

A Review Of Absolute Return Funds in Ireland – Blog 133

A lot of folk, mostly at the encouragement of some advisors, decided to invest in Absolute Return Funds in Ireland....

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10th January 2020

Where Were Market Values When You We Born?? Blog 132

Welcome to Ireland’s award-winning investment and financial planning Blog & Podcast. As our final Blog of 2019 I have given...

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9th December 2019

Invest In Equities Now Or Wait For The Crash (Part II) – Blog 131

Welcome to Ireland’s award-winning investment and financial planning Blog & Podcast. If you are wondering if now is the right...

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28th November 2019

Investing in Emerging Market Index Funds in Ireland Blog 130

Emerging Markets might sound a little technical, but please do bare with me, even I can understand it, so you’ll...

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18th November 2019

Finding Financial Advice in Ireland You Can Trust – Blog 129

Looking for Financial Advice in Ireland you can trust? A few weeks ago I did a piece on finding ‘Independent...

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