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The 5 years before retirement are critical to successfully ‘graduating’ from full-time employment. We help people to arrange their assets in the optimum way, ensure they are benefiting from all the opportunities available to them in this key phase of life.

You may be concerned that your existing plans are not in the optimum strategy, or that you lack a strategy at all. We can help give you confidence and clarity  on your plans, and guide you along the way.

John Sherry

John Sherry runs a successful business of 15 years, supplying bespoke Garden Rooms to homes across the country.

Paddy showed me how to take the profits I’ve earned from my business and to convert them into personal money, in a meaningful and cost-effective way. I now plan to be financially independent in the near future. I’ve joked with Paddy about this but I’m starting to visualise getting my first Porsche when our plans come to fruition!

As Part of Your MasterPlan™ We Will Help You To:

Determine Your Short and Medium Priorities

We’ll help you to explore and understand the business and lifestyle you want through some meaningful conversations

Determine Optimium Strategy for you

We'll help you determine the optimal approach to helping you get what you want

Analyse current financial plans and policies

We'll provide an informed 2nd opinion on your current startegy and portfolios, analysis performance, costs and success

Design portfolios & efficient structures

We'll outline the most cost effective and secure portfolios that have the higest probability of success

Be Very Tax Efficient

There may be significant tax and retirement planning opportunities we can help you capitalise on

Give You Confidence & Clarity

We'll give you confidence about your financial future, and know exactly how to achieve the results you seek

Who I Best Serve


Self-employed consultants and business-owners who have accumulated north of €300,000 of investment and pension assets


Most of our clients are retired or plan to be within 10 years. Our boutique services are specific to their circumstances

Trust & Respect

We work with clients on the basis of a trust and respect for each other. We guide clients on all aspects of their financial lives


Clients seek our help when they finally want to work with a firm that is looking out for them and who do it on a transparent fee basis

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