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Because many people in this phase of life which we speak to, want to ensure they maximise the resources they have, that is what we do. We help them remove concern so that they can go about enjoying life. You may have one eye on providing for loved-ones but the priority must first be you!

You likely want to know you have the financial security to enjoy the lifestyle you hope for, and to live a comfortable life. Your aspirations will be as unique as you are; perhaps you want to pursue new interests, travel more, have more freedom, do more community-based projects, we have the ability to help you make this a reality as you live that life.

Fin goulding

Fin Goulding has consistently been named as one of the top global CIO’s year-on-year. He has become an expert in Business and Technical agility having worked as a CIO and/or CTO in several major organisations such as Aviva, Paddy Power and HSBC.

I initially reached out to Paddy for a chat. Not only did he provide me with sound advice but he also helped me get my plethora of old investments into great shape and that gave me the confidence to leave my Corporate Executive role in order to start up my own business as an entrepreneur!

Paddy is an honest, trustworthy and fun person to work with but most importantly, I know that my future is safe with his steady hand on the tiller and therefore I can't recommend him highly enough.

As Part of Your MasterPlan™ We Will Help You To:

Get Clarity On Your Financial Future

We'll help you determine the optimal approach to helping you get what you want

Align Your Plans With Your Financial Life Goals

We'll give you confidence about your financial future, and know exactly how to achieve the results you seek

Ensure Value For Money

The imapct of fees on your sustainable income is more significant than many realise - we ensure value for money

Define A Prudent Draw-Down Strategy & Portfolios

Many are missing significant retirement income - we help you get the opimal life-time income in a prudent manner

Analyse Your Existing Arrangements

We'll provide an informed 2nd opinion on your current startegy and portfolios, analysis performance, costs and success

Provide For Loved-Ones

Our first priority is you and your income needs, once that is assured we can explore how best to cater for your loved-ones

Who I Best Serve


Self-employed consultants and business-owners who have accumulated north of €300,000 of investment and pension assets


Most of our clients are retired or plan to be within 10 years. Our boutique services are specific to their circumstances

Trust & Respect

We work with clients on the basis of a trust and respect for each other. We guide clients on all aspects of their financial lives


Clients seek our help when they finally want to work with a firm that is looking out for them and who do it on a transparent fee basis

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