Blog56- How Much Could I Save By Switching Mortgage? The Big Switcheroo!

What do most of us have......really really desperately wanted it initially..........but now we really really want to get rid of (a clue, it's not your partner!).................the answer is of course our mortgage! We have covered mortgages a few times on here, including the ever popular 'should I clear my mortgage or save for the future' episode....
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Blog #30- The 6 Risks & How To Manage Them

Risk. The Oxford Dictionary defines risk as 'the possibility of something unpleasant or unwelcoming happening'! It is therefore not a word which most of us are that much inclined towards. Volatility on the other hand is defined as 'liability to change rapidly and unpredictably, especially for the worse'. Volatility is different to risk, it's subtle...
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